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My road trip to Matane; saying goodbye to a friend.

Friday, August 12th, 2011. 

We spent the day together, after she woke up at 3 pm. She came to get me. We went to a school yard where our old friend was sitting on a hill with her boyfriend. This was a sad departure. Fanny, our old friend, was high on LSD, again. Karo simply walked up to her and said;

”I’m leaving tomorrow. I wanted to say goodbye.”

Fanny said; Well, alright. 

Karo got up, and left. I left with her, saying nothing to Fanny. We later went to get some ice cream and a small ice cream shop. Later on, we went to see Karo’s cousin to wish her a happy birthday. We said our hellos, our goodbyes, and left once again. Karo felt fine. I felt fine. Everything was fine. 

I texted Jade and told her we were close. We ate some Vietnamese food with her, at le Phoenix, one of our favourite restaurants. We were all having a great time. The meal was delicious, as usual. We brought Jade home, and they said their goodbyes. It was a nice sight to see. It was nice that Jade actually wanted to see Karo again… Unlike our high school years.

She and I went to her house, where her Mom, Marie-Claude, dyed our hair and gave us a small haircut. We went to Karo’s room and chatted for a while, as she packed. She shut off her computer, and we role-played for a while. 

We fell asleep at 4:15 am. 

Saturday, August 13th, 2011.

Her Mom burst into the room at 6:15 am. We were both so, so tired. We left the house after getting ready at around 7:30 am. Off to Matane we go. We had about a 10 hour car ride in front of us. 

We headed to Tim Hortons for some coffee and breakfast food. We nommed our breakfast sandwiches, and left the city. We headed towards Montreal, on the 417. We rested our eyes most of that part of the ride. We stopped after Montreal, in St-Hyacinthe, for some Tim Hortons again. Pause-Pipi. We all stretched a little, after that 3 hour drive. We headed back on the road. 

Karo looked so damn adorable when she was dozing off, so I took a creeper picture of us;

The car ride was damn long. We headed over to Quebec, and when we passed it, I noticed a massive mountain in the distance. It was actually the first time I saw a mountain rising up from flat land. 

A few kilometres from Quebec City, around Noon, we stopped at a McDonald’s, where we had a quick lunch. McPoulet with rootbeer for me, Karo had some nuggets, and her parents had… well, who cares, really. 

After Quebec, the ride was pretty slow, and boring. We couldn’t really sleep. Marie-Claude put on some old school music, and we all sang along and acted silly for an hour or two. 

Passing by Dummondville was nice, since one of my favourite authors is from there, and always talked about it in his books. I felt like his books were better now that I got to see the real setting. 

When we first saw the St-Laurent river, I wasn’t really impressed, I could see the other side of it, so it wasn’t such a big deal. We passed through small towns like Montmagny, La Pocatière, Rivière-Du-Loup, and Trois-Pistoles. I saw a gorgeous yellow field. We assumed it was a mustard field;


We reached Rimouski, a somewhat big town that is set on the side of the St-Laurent river. There was a boardwalk on the side of the water, all through the city. I was impressed by the beauty of the city. We stopped at a SAQ (Quebec Alcohol Shops, where you buy all the fancy booz) for a bottle of wine. We were to go to Karo’s Uncle’s home when we got to Matane, since he lives there. I waited in the car with René (Karo’s father), and he told me; ”When we get to Jude’s house, don’t be scared when you see his hands.” I asked him why I would be scared. He simply told me he had no fingers on each hand, only a thumb on one. I nodded and said that was fine. After stretching a little, we headed back on the road. Now on the 132, a straight line, all the way to Gaspésie. 

About an hour later, we crossed to Gaspésie. The smell of the ocean invaded the car, and it was such a good scent. Salty, and fresh. I saw my first wind turbine. Those things were majestic. Afterwards, Marie-Claude told me that there was going to be a place where there are a bunch of stone statues of people in the water. When we reached it, they actually stopped so I could take pictures of it. They were so special. 

Afterwards, we got back in the car for more driving. We passed Mont-Joli, and Marie-Claude had a sudden craving for chips. It was about 4:40 pm when we passed Mont-Joli. We stopped at a small town, which I did not see the same, and drove alongside the River, and stopped to take some more pictures of the water. 

Later on, after stopping for some candy/chips, we arrived in Matane around 5:20 pm. As soon as I saw the sign that said ‘Matane’, I felt the need to cry, and I did, but I kept my face hidden from them, because I didn’t want to have to explain myself. I didn’t really know why I was crying. Maybe because I was there, and my Karo had to stay here, while I had to leave. I didn’t want to have to leave her. She’s too important. 

We drove through Matane, and turned here and there, then we reached her school. A beautiful school, dressed in white and blue. It was a big school, too. Bigger than mine, which was pretty funny. We drove to door #6, and went to her dorm room: a small room with a closet, a bed, a sink, and a desk. All her stuff was already there, since it was the same room as last year. We put all our stuff on the ground, and cleaned up a little. Her Mom wanted to clean the place, but we had to go to Jude’s home. I was in a pretty sad mood as we got there. 

When I met Jude, I forgot about his hands. I just shook his hand, and smiled. He spoke to me as if I was part of the family, and I think that’s when I actually felt like their family. They invited me in like I was a Queen. Jude is a special man. He is sincerely one of the funniest men I have ever, and will ever meet. Other family members were there, and I suck with names, so I don’t really remember their names. While the adults spoke, Karo and I went to a cool swinging bench outside. 

She asked me if I was okay, and then I started crying. She sat by my side and hugged me. ” It’ll be okay ”, she said. I felt better afterwards, and we went in to eat dinner. I can’t remember the name of the meal, but it was delicious. A little later, her parents brought us back to the dorm. 

We were both so tired, and went to bed almost as soon as we got there. Her bed was quite small, but we just cuddled all night instead of struggling to have our own space in that damn thing. 

Sunday, August 14th, 2011.

I woke up at 9 am. Karo stayed in bed until about 12, when her parents came to get us. Marie-Claude called and knocked at the door. We went out to the truck, and headed off. We went to IGA to buy Karo’s food for the week. Afterwards, we went to the beach for a few minutes, but I didn’t have my camera, so we headed to our room. Marie-Claude took charge and put everything away. I’m not sure about the order of things at this point, but we ended up getting lunch at A&W, and ate it in the hallway in front of her dorm, while Marie-Claude cleaned some stuff. 

Later on, I grabbed my camera and we went back to the beach. Before the beach, though, we went to a cool boat where there was a souvenir shop inside of it.

That’s Karo’s Dad, waving ’ ELLOOOOOOO ‘, because he’s a silly guy. 

The beach itself was full of washed up seaweed, driftwood, rocks and sea glass. It was a special site. Seagulls surrounded us as we took off our shoes to dip our feet. 

They weren’t in the water for 15 seconds before I jumped out. It was so cold. Almost as cold as ice. I took a few pictures while Karo looked around for crab shells. 

Karo had no problem with putting her feet in the freezing water. Like a boss. 

She actually found a pretty cool crab shell. 

After gathering some rocks, a crab snapper, and sea glass, we went back to the truck, and drove to Karo’s friend’s home. His name is Pier-Olivier, but we call him Pod. I had met him before, when she brought him home for a week, during March break. He was to bring us to some waterfalls. When we got there, Karo went in as if she lived there, and said hello to Pod with a hug. I waved with a huge smile. His facial hair had grown since the last time I saw him. I met his room mate, Francois, and their driver friend, Simon. They were all very nice people, and we headed off in Simon’s car. We had to stop at the school to get Karo’s bathing suit, and then at Simon’s house for his bathing suit. I had none, which was fine. We drove around for a while, trying to find the damn waterfalls. They weren’t sure where they were. Woo. 

Karo thought he looked like a rock star in this picture. It was pretty funny. After driving for about 15 minutes, we passed some wind turbines. 

We finally made it to the waterfalls, where we had to walk in the forest for a while. We could hear them after a few minutes of walking. When I saw them, I was completely taken aback. They were so beautiful. The sound was so ferocious. 

The guys swam while Karo and I dipped our feet. The water was a nice temperature, even if on the cold side. 

After a while, they got out of the water, and we climbed the rocks back to the forest, and went back to the car. They drove us back to the school, and Pod randomly noticed my hair colour. 

”NICE HAIR!!!”, he screamed, as he shut the car door. 

We went back to our room at around 5:20 pm. Karo’s parents called us at 6 pm to come get us for dinner at a small Italian restaurant, overlooking the river. We met Jude and his wife, Joanne, and talked, ordered our dinner, and talked some more. Karo and I went outside to look at the sunset. We watched it set, and it was beautiful. We went to the small tourist-info spot; a small lighthouse with a little building attached to it. I asked at what time they closed, and they closed at 9pm, so I said I’d go back after dinner. The food wasn’t the best I’ve had, but the company surrounding me was fun. I tried some seafood, and it was delicious.

We left a while after, and I went to the tourist spot. I bought some souvenirs for my Mom, step-Mom, and myself. I got a keychain, to add to my collection. Her parents dropped us off at Pod’s apartment for a milkshake party. 

Yes, a milkshake party. It was awesome, so don’t judge us. 

People started showing up soon after us. I met a bunch of Karo’s friends. They were all very welcoming. Her old neighbour showed up, Arianne, and I had previously spoke to her about making some earnings for me. 

You can see her full collection here: http://ariane-metal02.deviantart.com/

We left the party at around 10:40 pm, and walked up the street to the school. We did some laundry, and took a shower, then went to bed. 

Monday, August 15th, 2011. 

Around 8:25am, Karo’s parents called to say they were coming to get me. I gathered my things and got dressed quickly. Her Mom came to the door and gave Karo some money for school supplies, and some change for the laundry. I brought my things downstairs, in the car, but I didn’t make it to the car before I started crying, and hugged Karo. She hugged back and seemed to be okay. We put all our stuff in the truck, and I cried some more, hugging her some more. Her parents hugged her tight and wished her success. I hugged her one last time and got in the truck. I kept crying in the truck, and her Mom started crying, too. She handed my some kleenex and we laughed a little, to stop ourselves from breaking down. 

On the road again, I realised. 

This time, without my Karo. 

Describing the ride home has no real purpose, it’s basically the same thing as when we drove to Matane, reversed. 

I will miss her, for the time she is gone, but I know I’ll see her soon, and I wish her the best success in school. I admire her courage to leave her home to go to school. 

I love you, Karo. I’ll see you soon. 

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